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With its innovative concept, Storage24, Local Company with its leading position in Europe contributes to the growth of the market by providing storage and business solutions to all small and medium businesses across Europe. To this end, Local Company provides them with low-cost storage and production spaces, with unparalleled flexibility.

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Local Company is a Pioneer

In 2015, brothers Markus and Matthias Sattler, then just 25 and 26 years old, had built their first site in Germany. There were already parks, but they wanted to do it differently, better. The Storage24 parks were to give tenants more flexibility. No long contract terms, instead more freedom for your projects. This includes direct access and full height overhead doors for vehicles, 24/7 access and the idea of customising the spaces for multifunctional uses.individualisieren.

Business parks

We enable our customers to realise their ideas and grow with us.

We enable Economic activity

Flexibility is an essential requirement for successful entrepreneurship. In 2020, the European market had more company start-ups than ever before. In order for these companies to be successful, governments have set up programs for start-ups and young companies to help them turn them into profitable businesses. We also support start-ups by offering our flexible multifunctional spaces at fair prices. Through our spaces and locations we create the space to turn an idea into reality.

We are Customer focused

All over Europe and beyond, our customers trust us. We are happy and proud of every user, such as the tradesman, business or individuals. We consistently put ourselves in the position of our customers, we listen and our products evolve to meet their needs.

We make Decisions

Defined by fast growth, we take decisions based on an effective due diligence process. Our continued growth of new parks across Europe is based on transparent communication and honesty.

Our experience

Our extensive experience means that we translate the wishes of clients into practice in a well-considered manner. Thanks to the partnerships that we have built over the years, we are able to provide our clients with the best located, most sustainable and highest quality SME buildings.Developer, Investor and Operator in one hand

In 2025, we will be the European market leader for affordable and flexible floor space.
We will be the best provider for companies of all sizes and private individuals.
We will be so well known that we will be the first point of contact in our industry.
Our “Why” – our contribution to a better world: We enable our customers to make their ideas happen and to grow with us.

How to contact us:

The company is represented in 6 European countries, namely Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark and in the United Kingdom.


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Monday to Thursday – 08:00 18:00
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